Arthur & The Sisters

A new breakfast sensation based on oats

Arthur & The Sisters managed to carve out a solid niche for themselves in the big breakfast market. To extend their product range and positioning, they wanted to launch four types of flavoured oatmeal.

When they looked at the competition, they realised that most of them packed their products in brown paper. We therefore developed a completely different packaging design for them, combining clean, yet tasty photography with bright, powerful colours and bold typography, to make their products stand out on shop shelves.

What we did: Packaging Design – Photography – Artwork

Client: Arthur & The Sisters

An honest and delicious story

In everything these two sisters do, honesty and deliciousness are key.

They always use the best and most delicious ingredients to start your day with a great breakfast. A natural look and feel is therefore perfectly in place, both for the packaging design, the photography and communication around the brand.

Enjoy your breakfast and start your day with a little celebration ; – )