Plant-based insect repellent that's good for the planet and your body

Following the addition of new products to the Byebugz range, we were asked to rebrand the entire range. As this is a more technical product, we tried to convey a clear message to consumers in an appealing and structured way. To make the brand more friendly and engaging, we created a round logo. This anti-insect range is 100% plant-based and free of DEET, meaning it is both good for our body and the planet.

Whereas the competition tends to focus on their products’ bug-killing properties, with aggressive and hard communication, we decided on a softer approach for Byebugz. Although it is one of the only purely plant-based insect repellents on the market, it is to safe and 100% effective for use.

What we did: Branding – Logo Design – Illustration – Artwork – Packaging Design

Client: Byebugz

Clear and transparent communication.

With Byebugs, we want to communicate transparent and clear. This is why we went in search of a fun infographic style that is clear to young and old. We also consciously chose white in the use of colour; honesty and simplicity. The green is to reflect the naturalness. Small illustrations of tropical leaves also contribute to this.

We believe that by offering a product that is good for the planet and for your skin and a clear and fun way of communicating, the threshold to using these products is lowered. Enjoy the outdoors and those long summer evenings outside.

With Byebugs, you can enjoy the freedom and honesty you deserve.