Bringing history back into the brand.

The De Ryck brewery wanted to bring a new beer to market.

The new generation at the company’s helm brought a wind of change, culminating in the creation of a hip but authentic brand.

With Clément, the family brewery revisits its roots and pays tribute to its founder Clément De Ryck, who relaunched the brewery after World War I. An agreeable albeit strong-minded man, with a distinctive facial expression, he seemed like the perfect figurehead for a brand. Which is why we built the brand around him, so Clément can continue to share his story with the rest of the world.

Hello to the future and cheers to the past! De Ryck, one of the few real “family breweries” in Belgium, recently launched this new ‘spéciale belge’. Not your typical pilsner, which is why they felt it needed some extraordinary branding. We developed a strong, engaging branding and packaging for the beer, with a bit of a retro feel.

What we did: Branding – Logo Design – Illustration – Artwork – Packaging Design

Client: De Ryck

An iconic logo

For Clément, we conjured up our pencils again to give the brand and the beer bottles more character. In a fun cartoon style, the founder of this beer brand was given back his central role on the packaging. The old nostalgic roots were translated into a contemporary playful style, and will forever remain the main focus of this brand.